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Fundraising Activities

We welcome all kinds of participation like organising or providing help for our activities. The participation of the beneficiary organisation is also welcomed.

To be “Friends of CCCG”

Comfort Care Concern Group was established in 1987 as a non-profit making organisation offering comfort care services to the terminally ill their families and to the bereaved. Our campaign to increase public awareness has been very successful and our services are in great demand.

Friends of CCCG are those who are willing to support CCCG with monthly automatic transfers of at least HK$100. The Friends will regularly receive our newsletter and learn how their financial support has benefited our clients.

To be Volunteers of CCCG

CCCG need the support from different volunteers to promote various activities. Some of the voluntary services require training at different levels.

know more about voluntary services

Donation By Cheque / Bank Draft

Payable to “The Comfort Care Concern Group”

Donation By PPS

You can simply dial 18011 (for English) and then key in our Merchant Code 9331 for donation or make donation online at the PPS website.

CCCG’s Guideline on Donation by PPS [PDF Download]
Donation by PPS Bill Payment Service [Applicable to CCCG Only]

1. If you do not have a PPS account, just simply bring along your ATM card or credit cards with ATM function to one of the PPS Registration Terminals to open a new PPS account. If you already have a PPS account, please follow the following steps:

2. Register the bill. Please dial 18011 (For English) for registration in Hong Kong.
a.     Press “1” to register the bill
b.     Enter your PPS account number
c.     Select the Merchant Code of CCCG: 9331
d.     Enter the bill account number in 8 digits
e.     Please enter your daytime contact number as the bill account number (Remark: CCCG will verify your identity with this number)
f.     You could proceed to payment after the bill is registered.
g.     Or you can login at to go through the above registration procedure.

3. Please dial 18031 (For English) to make the donation or payment

a.     Enter your 5 digit PPS phone password
b.     Select Merchant Code: 9331
c.     Enter the registered bill account number (Your 8 digit contact number);
d.     Press “1” for donation; Press “2” for course enrolment fee
e.     Key in the payment amount
f.     You will hear confirmation and please write down the payment reference number
g.     Transaction completed

4. Please fax to 2361 6294 your bill account number, payment amount, payment reference number, payment type (Donation / Course Enrolment Fee) and address.

Receipt will be sent to you soon after confirmation of payment or donation.
Receipt will be issued for Donation of HK$100 or above

Directly deposit donation to our Account:

HSBC A/C No. 441-264702-001

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