Community Education & Training Courses


Community Education

Community Education Project

Besides taking care of the needs of the individual bereaved, CCCG also makes and attempt to promote the core value "We help clients rekindle their Concern about others and their positive attitude towards life" to the community. In recent years CCCG has been organising a variety of community education projects like "Love is All Around", "WHITE is no Taboo", "The Journey of Passionate Care" etc. These functions have brought our messages to the community, schools, private and public sectors, hospitals as well as local districts.

Educational Talks and workshops

CCCG promotes the message of hospice service and bereavement care through educational talks and workshops.

Our educational talks and workshops are chaired by social work professionals and experienced volunteers. The topics include:

  • Hospice Service
  • Volunteer Training
  • Bereavement Caring
  • The way the caretakers manage bereavement
  • Funeral support and grief management
  • Life and Death Education -- Fighter for Life

Psycho-educational Group

Confucius says, 'Not knowing about living, how could you learn of death?' This shows that when we are living we may not know too much about life. How should then we learn about death or even things after death? However, to explore the meaning of life, we should understand the end of a life. Through four hours of group activities, sharing and discussion, this group is allowing the participants to understand the advent of a life in a fun and relaxing attitude to life and death, encouraging the participants to cherish every day they’re still breathing.

Short-term Experiential Programmes

The nature of life includes birth, aging, illness and death; then why should we avoid talking about death? Death is part of our life, although most of us have not experienced death. We can have a better understanding about death and to draw reflection through activities. We promote a positive attitude to talk about life and death issues, and to explore the meaning of life.

We place emphasis on the holistic development of the three aspects of body, mind and spirit; experiential learning approach allows participant to learn and to stimulate thinking through discussion and game activities in a safe environment. We encourage participants to strengthen self reflection and sensitivity of things, thus applying the learning into daily life

Training Courses

Basic Volunteer Training

The objective of our basic volunteer training course is to provide the general public with comprehensive understanding on hospice care, and terminally-ill patients and their families. The training course is designated with different topics covering (for reference only):

  • Palliative Care and Emotion of Patient
  • Bereavement and Parting
  • Caring Skills I, II
  • Funeral knowledge and procedures
  • Workshop: Time to Our Tour
  • Practice Skills for Leading Activities

Training is held in various formats such as group discussions, talks or sharing sessions. Speakers will include specialist nurses, funeral worker and registered social workers.

Professional Training Course

Professional training programme will be organised on such related topics as counselling knowledge and skills for the bereaved or the terminally ill, in seminar, workshop or regular supervision group, delivered by experienced practitioners.

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