CCCG's History

1987 CCCG was established, and registered as a non-profit making
June 1993 CCCG started its English volunteer training program
November 1993 CCCG started its first Chinese volunteer training program
1995 CCCG was sponsored by the Board of Management of the Chinese Permanent Cemeteries Fund to set up its office at Un Chau Street Estate
1995 CCCG was sponsored by Keswick Foundation and Community Chest and employed 4 staffs. In the March of the same year, CCCG became one of the member agencies of Community Chest
1996 CCCG became one of the member agencies of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
June 1996 CCCG organized a big scale seminar— "Tears and Smiles Grief Counseling & Grief Therapy"
October 1996 CCCG held the first occasion of localized bereavement counseling professional training program
1998 CCCG published the booklets of bereavement counseling and volunteer sharing words
January 1998 CCCG held the seminar of Life Crisis & Bereavement Counseling" Conference
December 1998 CCCG promoted the Bereavement Concern - Awareness Campaign
1999 CCCG published the first edition of "Bereavement Counseling Handbook: Concepts and Methods"
December 1999 CCCG organized the seminar of Life and Death Education among the Youth
2000 Due to the reconstruction of Un Chau Street Estate, CCCG moved to the temporary office in Lai Kok Estate
July 2001 CCCG was sponsored by the Board of Management of the Chinese Permanent Cemeteries Fund to move to the recent office in Lai Kok Estate
2001 CCCG was sponsored by the Quality Education Fund to promote a two-years "Life and Death among the Youth" project
March 2002 CCCG was incorporated in Hong Kong with liability by guarantee and made the management and development of CCCG to become more ideal
2003 We were held several community campaign to serve the community during the outbreak of SARS
2004 We has revised the group mission statement and reviewed the existing strategy to allow more flexibility and development focus that will suit the requirements in the future.
Oct 2005 A psycho-education group for P.5 and P.6 students was held to contemplate on pets' health and death through interactive activities
Oct 2006 Cooperating with Ms Chow Suk Ping, a drama namely "Heaven Is in My Heart" was produced to stimulate audience insight about life
June 2007 Our "Life and Death among the Youth" project held in 2001-3 was awarded one of the "Ten Good Practice of Life Education Projects".
Sep and Nov 2007 With a generous sponsorship from the HK Jockey Club Charities Trust, two books of collections, namely "Sharing the experience of bereaved person"(同路人心聲集──喪親經歷分享) and "Handbook on Bereavement Support and Guidance" (哀傷支援及資訊手冊) were published.
2008 Bereavement counseling was started among children through play therapy.
2008 With the support from HKCSS - Elderly Community Care Fund, CCCG formally launched "Funeral Support Service" in Hong Kong.
2009 Successfully received funding support from Keswick Foundation Limited to employ a full-time social worker for the Funeral Support Service for 2 years.
2010 Keswick Foundation Limited supported the whole project of Funeral Support Service since October 2010.
2011 A new service "Walking with Children -- Bereavement Counseling Service" has been launched since 1st January 2011. With different intervention ways (individual/family counseling, therapeutic groups, educational talks for parents and teachers), the service is specially designed to help bereaved children or teenager (under 18) in Hong Kong.


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